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FuShun County No.2 Middle School
High school

major course

Physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, language, English

2017.09-now                Shanghai Polytechnic University          University

major course

c++,java,Database system basic tutorial, Web programming foundation, database design and SQL programming, advanced mathematics.


I can:

1.Basic java/C++/Mysql/Ps/Dw/Pr/AE/word/Excel

2.Customer research, customer needs analysis, program writing, etc.

3.Create inspirational idea

4.Take a nice picture


Competition award

First Prize of Zigong High School Mathematics

The third prize of Zigong high school physics

Going to the US project

Participated in the school tour program organized by the school.

participated in the broward college lingua course, and passed

SSPU network security studio

Introduction: Join sspu and the Pea College to jointly teach the network security studio and become one of the members.

Huawei Certified Network Enginee

Pass the Huawei Certified Network Enginee exam and get a certificate


I work hard, take serious work, have a strong sense of responsibility, treat people with sincerity, be good at communication, keep learning at all times, and actively embrace change. Like HTML and WeChat applet development, with certain software analysis, design, development and application capabilities, with strong learning ability and team spirit, can quickly adapt to the working environment. In general, it is still in the stage of learning knowledge.


My name is Rui Zhou, and I am a sophomore majoring in cybersecurity at UC. Of course, when I was studying in Shanghai, I also joined the network security lab and studied there for nearly 1 year and majoring in web design. So, I am looking for a job that will enable me to contribute what I have learned to the field of cyber security.